Life Insurance Agent's 1-Day Lead Generation System

Escape The Lead Generation Scam


Attention Life Insurance Agents! Are you tired of buying leads?


I know lead vendors sell you leads for $25-$50/each and often times they are bunk.

Other lead training courses & digital marketing sell for upwards of $1500. They are also complicated!

Our course is easy to learn & regularly sells for only $197!

  SUMMER SPECIAL: For A Limited Time Only $97! (offer good for first 20 students)


Attention Life Insurance Agents!

Are you tired of buying bum leads?

I've been there. $500-$1000 a week only to barely break even.
I've purchased every kind of lead from vendors... aged leads, final expense, mortgage protection... you name it!
I've door knocked.
I've cold-called.
But, then I eventually cracked the code...
I've developed a way to get Insurance leads in all directions. We're talking fast & affordable!
I will pull back the veil on how the leads are developed. Then I will show you easy methods you can implement TODAY!
Here's a sample of what you can learn & implement in 1 day:
  • I will teach you many atypical lead strategies that I use still to this day!

  • I will show you how to create FB ads at rock-bottom prices ($1-$5).

  • You Will Learn Step By Step Google Click-2-Call Ads
  • I will teach you how to create organic leads from YouTube & Create YouTube ADS!
  • I will show you how to get LEADS to schedule themselves!

  • Actual Copy & Paste Ad creative that I use.  (you can literally copy & paste)

  • How to properly incentivize ads to turbo-charge your results and ensure appointments will be kept.

  • Proper targeting methods
  • How to get free leads WITHOUT a website!
  • BONUS: Strategic Partnerships That FEED You Leads FREE!

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Even FREE Leads. That call YOU!


In The Next 24 Hours, You Could…

  • Finally, break the bondage of buying leads.
  • Have a sizable ROI.
  • Be generating leads from multiple avenues.

 Simple but smart moves can make all the difference in the world!!!

Get The Course Today! Only $97

This Course Is For You If...

  • You want to make your own leads fast
  • You can to quit paying $25-$50/lead for JUNK!
  • You want to sell more Medicare, term life, or final expense
  • You want a sustainable flow of leads
  • You have basic computer skills and can follow step-by-step instructions
  • You want to guide new agents on the right path to victory

Module 1: Ad Theory & More!

Aside from modern technology, lead generation is nothing more than 3rd grade math and basic psychology. We will go over some foundational groundwork and some tried and true methods that have stood the test of time.

Module 2: Google Hacks & More!

Having a GMB google business profile is a must in 2023 for free leads, not to mention credibility. But I will show you how to jump the list for less than a cup of coffee! I will take you hand-in-hand through GOOGLE's powerful click-2-call campaigns! Also how to utilize YouTube's search engine abilities to your advantage.


Module 3: Facebook Mastery & More!

This is where the course will really shine! We will go step-by-step into what makes a winning FB lead form ad tick. Actual winning ad copy I've used and your competition are using. I will take it even further though. I will show you exactly how it is done. Even how to get your leads to book themselves and KEEP the appointments!

Module 4: The Atypical & Extraordinary

We will show you off-the-wall crazy methods to implement that almost NO ONE in the insurance space is taking advantage of. We will also show you how to easily create organically driven leads. You can flip the insurance game on its head by doing things completely different!


I'm Mark Sias

 Owner of a thriving insurance agency, Noble Financial Services. After getting my 2-15 license, I was hit with several thousands of dollars in bum leads. Not exactly the way I expected to start my new career! But with some smart thinking and a little hard work, I figured out the best ways to make this whole lead thing work quite well.

Now I use what I've learned to help people just like you find freedom from expensive lead generation shams. I’ll show you how to earn more, save more, and put your hard-earned money back in your pocket where it belongs!

Perhaps you've even heard of me. I've been rather outspoken on podcasts, blogs, YouTube and news outlets about how agents have been taken advantage of by nefarious IMO's, lead farms, and in some cases even the carriers themselves. 

Today I run a Financial & Legal Service Business that draws in leads for all of my services with very little in Ad spend. 

I own BOTH a Notary Staffing Agency &  Life Insurance Agency. That Both Operate at Multiple 6-figures completely ORGANIC! (But, I Still love using paid ads😎)

I can tell you with 100% certainty the best leads you will ever get are the ones you generate!


"The course really covers it all. After only 1 day I had leads rolling in! This course is worth 10x what you are asking."
- Martin Jeffers, 2-15 Agent
"I am now set to go with FB ads and so much more. It feels so good to finally get off of the lead-purchasing roller coaster."
- Bill McDouglas, Medicare & Senior Benefits

"I was always terrified of running ads. Mark's course really simplified the process. Also had many ideas I never would have thought of."

- Susan Powers, Amerilife
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