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  • Legal Documents Overview
  • Avoid UPL (unauthorized practice of law)
  • Leases & Evictions
  • Small Claims
  • E-filing
  • Divorce
  • Immigration
  • Bankruptcy¬†
  • LLC Formation

*It is important to check with your state regulations as to which specific document specialties you can & cannot provide. As well as additional licensing, creditialing or training required! READ MORE BELOWūüĎá

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What is a legal document preparation business?

¬†In a number of states in the U.S. non-lawyers can prepare certain legal documents under what is known as the ‚Äúscrivener‚ÄĚ exception. This allows for not only preparing the forms but also proving legal information. Note that they cannot provide direct legal advice. This is similar to offering freelance paralegal services which is also allowable practically unrestricted or very limited restrictions in various states like¬†Florida, North Carolina, Hawaii, New York, Rhode Island, Colorado, Nevada, Kansas, Missouri, & Washington.

Washington has a "limited license legal technician". New York hosts "Court Navigators" and Colorado additionally has "administrative accredited representatives".

Some states like CA, AZ, CO, OH, & GA require some form of additional ABA , paralegal, or other certificate before offering these services.

*Currently Minnesota is doing a Legal Paraprofessional Pilot Project under the supervision of a Minnesota licensed attorney, to provide legal advice and, in some cases, represent a client in court in two legal areas: landlord-tenant disputes and family law disputes.

*Connecticut, New Mexico, Louisiana, New Hampshire, and South Dakota, New Jersey, & Texas place severe restrictions or prohibit  these services altogether.

The remaining states of the U.S. recognize the scrivener exception but only allow it on a case-by-case basis and doing your research is necessary to determine services you will offer & this list is by no means exhaustive. For example with regard to immigration & visa forms assistance the the following states specifically allow non-lawyer immigration assistance:

  • Arizona¬†Minnesota¬†Washington¬†Michigan¬†Georgia
  • California¬†Nevada¬†New York¬†Maine Illinois¬†Utah
  • Illinois Oklahoma¬†Maryland¬†South Carolina¬† ¬† ¬†¬†

     Conversely the following states BAN non-attorney immigration providers: 

Oregon Tennessee Colorado North Carolina

                        This type of service can go under a variety of names, including:

Legal document preparer
Legal document assistant
Document technician
Legal technician
Online legal document provider
Legal document clerk
Certified Legal Document Preparers (CLDP)
Legal Forms Preparation

Legal document assistant (LDA, also commonly known as ‚Äúdocument technician,‚ÄĚ ‚Äúlegal document preparer,‚ÄĚ ‚Äúlegal technician,‚ÄĚ ‚Äúonline legal document provider‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúlegal document clerk‚ÄĚ) in the United States is a non-lawyer authorized to assist with the preparation of legal instruments. Unlike a paralegal, legal document assistants do not work under the supervision of an attorney.

Why are these legal document preparations services so essential?

For people without ready access to the legal system (and the requisite costs), legal document preparation businesses offer several valuable services, including:

  • Greater, more affordable access to the law
  • Reduced caseload on attorneys and court systems
    Fulfilling a pressing need
  • There are times when people need simple, straightforward help with family matters, filing forms with a court, or forming a living trust.

Both online legal document preparation and in-person legal document preparation services are a more affordable option for these types of cases.

If you are a FLORIDA notary this course is definitely for you!

If you hail from other "scrivener exception" states this course will give you enough insight to start offering services based on local regulations as well as make an informed decision before dumping $$$thousands$$$ into a paralegal career or other expensive ABA certifications. 


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